On Second Thought

Have you ever had the experience of suddenly realizing you don’t like something that you always thought you did? One example for me is the writings of Orson Scott Card. I enjoy Ender’s Game, and a couple other things he’s done, but eventually I realized that I just don’t care for his writing style.

The same thing can happen with people. Sometimes I will meet someone and think they are great, and then later realize that they’re really annoying (and I’m sure this happens all the time in reverse). It also happens with food. It’s not the same as just getting tired of something; it really is a sudden realization that I don’t care for it.

Do any of you have any examples? Besides my blog, I mean…


ChristaJeanne said…
For whatever reason, there are certain people with whom I have TONS in common - but our personalities just don't click. One gal from my previous ward is a great example. I seem to "like" sooooo much of what she posts on Facebook, and we have enough in common that, in theory, we should be best friends! But we tried hanging out and doing stuff for a while, and it fizzled. It's not like anything "happened" - it just didn't click. It's easier to think she's awesome from afar.
joel said…
Hmm. Maybe you really just can't stand yourself. I know if I met someone too much like me I'd either end up in a fistfight or crying in the corner. Frankly, the crying would probably be less humiliating than my attempt at fisticuffs.
Jen said…
ha ha. i came to comment but maybe i'll just say, funny comment joel. good one. i chuckle.
Lizzy said…
I used to really like reading Mary Higgins Clark (like high school and college age). Shortly after we had our first child I found that her books were now absolutely horrific and put them up for sale to get them out of my house as fast as possible.

But you know, one thing that hasn't changed, I still hate pumpkin.

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