Of Halloween and Heaving

Hmm, where to begin? On Saturday afternoon we went for a walk with Katie's brother and sister, who had come to visit. The first signs of illness among us appeared as I picked Allison up out of the stroller, and she immediately started throwing up the pizza we had had for lunch. Meanwhile, I came down with a nasty cold that night, so Allison and I stayed home from church the next day.

Sunday night my cold was in full bloom, but I was determined to make it to work Monday, since it was after all Halloween. So I made it, although it was pretty annoying to have to keep blowing my nose and messing up my makeup. Sam, meanwhile, was dressed as a mummy. The challenge there was keeping his bandages from slipping down his legs, as you can see in our post-trick-or-treat photo.

Meanwhile, Katie had picked up pirate costumes for her and Allison, which was fun because Katie doesn't usually get into Halloween much. I didn't have a decent photo of Allison's costume, but here she is dressed in it watching the old Batman movie, which she has started asking for.

[caption id="attachment_1501" align="aligncenter" width="404" caption="Bat-Pirate Girl?"][/caption]

And here's Katie:

[caption id="attachment_1502" align="aligncenter" width="404" caption="Nice Booty"][/caption]

After trick-or-treating was when the real fun began. I started feeling sick and went to bed after Sam fell asleep. Sam was up about midnight throwing up, and I joined in the fun soon after. A couple hours later, Katie joined the fun.

This seemed like that nasty 24-hour virus that seems to come our way once every year or so, but it hit me harder than it has before. Let me try to describe it euphemistically. Imagine that criminals burst into a crowded concert hall to rob everyone, and people start running for the exit. There are two exits, and people run toward both exits at the exact same time. Yeah, it was like that. Never in my life have I experienced anything so unpleasant.

Anyway, enough of that. Despite the sickness, it was still a fun Halloween. How was yours?


Ann said…
Ha ha, "Nice booty." :) Katie looks great. So sorry to hear you were all sick.

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