Giving You the Business

I’ve been thinking lately about businesses that you pay for the service of insulting you, or at least giving you guilt trips. It’s probably been on my mind because I just had the oil changed in both of our cars after about 6,000 miles. I put it off because whenever I do it they remind me that I should really have X service done that is on special today for only $169.99. I’m not talking about fake stuff like “stem lube,” but things like having the tires rotated and the transmission fluid changed, which I probably should do but can’t ever afford it.

It’s a lot like going to the dentist. No matter how faithful you are, the dentist knows you should still be doing better. Ditto for banks—“You couldn’t leave the minimum $25 in there? Were those limited edition Justin Beiber oven mitts really a necessity?”

What are some other examples of businesses/people who earn money by making you unhappy?


John said…
Technically, I make money by making other people unhappy. I either point out very personal flaws that they are unaware of (or unwilling to admit) or I won't tell them how to fix their problems. I'm horrible, I tell you.
joel said…
You win, for getting paid to be a jerk.

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