Bored Beard

I think it's a good idea to occasionally experience contrasts in life. For example, a miserable vacation taken for one week per year means that the other 51 weeks are that much better. And of course eating your vegetables makes dessert sweeter.

I recently decided to try the beard thing again. And by that I mean I went a few days without shaving and decided to go with it for a while, for two reasons. First, it's nice to have a little extra face warmth during the coldest month of the year, especially when running. Also, it provides something to distract me a little bit from stupid cold, dark, boring January.

A friend of mine said it makes me look 10 years older than I am, which I think is actually kind of funny. But that got me thinking that the best part will be when I shave it and look like I'm in my mid-20s again. Contrast.

And a shout-out to Todd, whose first words to me upon seeing  me (on his wedding day, no less) were, "Does Katie still kiss you?"