Curse You, Janus!

Can we talk about January for a second? I just want to say that it’s the worst month ever. In October, when the weather starts to cool off, you can still look forward to Halloween. Ditto November, with Thanksgiving. And then everyone puts up their Christmas lights, and even in the cold, dark December you have that holiday to look forward to. But that generally stops on January 1. It’s the coldest month (Sorry, Australia, we’re North-America-centric on my blog), and the post-holiday depression is starting to sink in. Any snow on the ground starts to get gray and grimy, and spring is still so far off as to be a  distant memory. You start getting tax information, you find out how much you overextended yourself financially for Christmas, and the whole world just seems to be in a funk.

Or is it just me?


Calee said…
So true Joel! I feel the same way.
Jen said…
January is by far the worst month of the year, with February maybe being a close second (<--haha). The only thing January has going for it vs. February is that it's still close enough to the holidays and the winter solstice that you're not yet in the winter oblivion of unending despair, where holiday fun and spring reprieve are nowhere to be seen in either direction. Valentine's Day may have been invented to provide us with pink and red glitter to keep us going 'til March, which is also a sucky month, though warmer.
Jen said…
p.s. we have not yet had any snow this winter and i cannot TELL you what a difference it's made versus last year when i was inches from taking my own life and the lives of those around me. (dang, i'm trying to stop making murder-suicide jokes) It's also been unseasonably warm, which is a gift straight from the heavens above.
joel said…
True. This January has been slightly less depressing because of the comparatively warm weather. Also, our house is in some kind of mysterious "no snow" zone where Salt Lake and Provo get dumped on and we just get a pretty dusting. So that's not bad.

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