Cover Your Shame

I have a question for all of you: When did it become unfashionable for women to wear pants?

I don’t mean dresses. I mean, they are apparently supposed to wear unimaginably tight leggings, or what appear to be simply dark nylons. It seems like every time I’m in a public place anymore, the pantsless trend is very much in evidence, with everyone looking like they’re one dropped quarter away from busting a seam and mooning the world. And even when they wear jeans, they’re that horrible hipster combo of tight and low-rise, giving everyone a muffin top. Seriously, I thought clothing was supposed to improve your appearance. And sadly, this part of the trend appears to be infecting men, too. It’s been five years since I’ve found a pair of casual pants that doesn’t make me feel ridiculous. I’m getting desperate to find new jeans that don’t feel like jeggings.

I know there’s nothing to be done on my part. Women dress for the scrutiny of other women anyway, so I’m an innocent bystander. And as for the part men play in this, all I can do is hang my head in shame and go patch up my comfortable old levis.


lizzy said…
I find it disturbing that you actually know the term jeggings.
With jeans, can't help you, my husband only wears slacks. He finds them more comfortable.
Jen said…
OMG that is stupid long. sorry.
Jen said…
Somewhere along the path of my life, I found myself really enjoying clothes and fashion. I used to HATE shopping, and would find myself in shopping ruts, aka buying the same kinds of things for years because that's just what i was used to.

But now i actually really like talking about fashion and fit and whatnot. So cliche of me! But maybe it's my adopted NY heritage. Sean and I will find ourselves watching the fashion shows on some weirdo NY channel and be totally engrossed. Anyway, first: Totally agree with you on tights for pants. Just say NO. It's so completely bizarre to me. I can SEE your underwear. Those "pants" you're wearing aren't opaque, yo. I don't get it.

I happen to believe women like to wear the tighert-fit bottoms because less material makes them think they appear more slim. And they adhere to the body shape and fit whatever yours is, so if you've got a nice body, it looks fine. If you have some bulges (and who doesn't), well....

Further: Don't hate on jeggings. I love them. I mostly love the term (you know i'm a sucker for new-word combos). That's about all i have to say. I have one pair of leggings that are in the denim-style. No back pockets, but i wouldn't put it past me.

Lastly: I have a fashion tip for you: I don't think you need it, but i'm offering it anyway. Know what i love? That my spouse is slim and can totally pull off the metro-sexual look. Slim cut stuff. Slim suits. Every suit Sean buys (which is when we're in Utah--just because it's easy) he ends up buying these huge billowy pants and i just don't think they're in style anymore. That's my opinion. I love the slim fit. SO: i kind of assume you are similar, not to be a creepster. So i think you should go buy some slim-fit styles. Assuming you haven't already.

Ok, one last thing: Just say NO to the baggy light denim jeans that were OK at best maybe in the 90's. Every time i hit the west, that's all i see, and i'm not trying to hate on everyone else, but I just don't like it, and i think it's a result of the "caught in a rut" syndrome, and just not daring to try something new, or realizing one can.

joel said…
It's hard to change. I don't wear 90s-baggy jeans anymore, but I do like the ability to bend my legs. (I just thought of that Seinfeld episode with Kramer and the tight pants, and it made me smile.)

Anyway, I do wear some fitted shirts now, so I am slowly moving toward wearing clothes that fit me properly. *sigh* I guess I need to keep trying things.
Jen said…
Bending your knees is for suckers! As Dwight says, sitting is a sign of weakness.

just kidding seriously though, i hear you. keep trying things--don't we all. I think all that matters is that we do that every once in a while.

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