Pun Overload

Here's a conversation I had with my coworker Michael via email. Eventually I veered from the Middle East toward Africa, before finally getting tired of the puns (which I didn't think was possible).

Joel: And Iran… Iran so far away…

Michael: So, did you hear how most the middle east countries were named? It all happened when Stan came running up to a friend totally out of breath. The friend asks: “Why are you running?” and Stan answers: “I got in a fight!” The friend responds: “well, why are you running away?” in which Stan Responds: “He threw Iraq (a rock), so Iran (I ran)!” “Aren’t you going to get him back?” the friend asks. Out of breath Stan says: “Oh, it Kuwait. (can wait).

Not much later, Stan realizes that the sharp rock had lodged into his leg. The type of rock is technically called af-gan…and so there was an af-gan in Stan. (Afganistan)

Joel: That story makes me Saudi :(

Michael: You are such a Turkey.

Joel: Don’t blame me, it’s Jordan’s fault.

Michael: I hate Jordan. Egypt me the other day.

Joel: Oman, that was the best!

Michael: Well. Maybe for you. But it kind of messed me up. I don’t what Israel and what isn’t anymore.

Joel: Thanks for the lunch invite, but I’ll stay here and eat my Yemen cheese sandwich.

Michael: Are you being Syria(s)? That doesn’t even sound like a real sandwich.

Joel: Well, it is. And I’m adding a bunch of slices of cheese. I’ll probably put ten or Lebanon it.

Michael: If I had a Qatar for every slice of cheese I’ve eaten, I’d be a rich man.

Joel: Be careful outside, with the weather. Bahrain never hurt anyone, though, so I guess you’ll be okay.

Michael: BAH! RAIN is no good! But you know what they say. When life gives you yemens, make Yemenade. I ended up going to Cyprus Credit Union.

Joel: UAE there for lunch?

Michael: No. I’m going to kick Djibouti if you misunderstand my emails again!

Joel: Whoa, take it easy. Maybe a little Qatar music will calm you down. Sorry to reuse one, but Iraq my brains trying to come up with something original.

Michael: Well Somalia have been messin with my cubicle. So…not sure how I feel about that.

Joel: Don’t blame me, I’m pretty sure it was Chad.

Michael: Hmmm. Breaking from the greater Middle East route. That’s like switching from a compact car to a Sudan.

Joel: Give it a try. It’s Libyating.

Michael: Kenya really make the switch that easily?


joel said…
I can't believe nobody has anything to say about this. If ever a blog post were to win some sort of awesomeness award, surely it is one that is pun-based.
Jen said…
OMAN this tickles me to no end. SO up my alley. I could never be as good as you two, i'm not even going to try. But my favorites were: "Egypt me the other day" and "ten or Lebanon it." So ridiculous. So wonderful.
Jen said…
p.s. Libya should have been Liberiating. Other than that, again, seriously.. flawless.

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