Bull about Dozing

So I was wistfully thinking about sleep, as I am wont to do, and it’s startling that we supposedly spend 1/3 of our lives asleep. That’s a lot of time! I personally think that if you get the proper amount of sleep you’ll be healthier and live longer, but maybe that’s just because your waking hours are drawn out longer. What if we have a preset number of waking hours to live, and we can either burn ourselves out faster be sleeping less, or make it last longer by sleeping more?

Here’s something else I was thinking about. Suppose you could rest part of your brain at a time (I read somewhere that dolphins can do this), and thus be mostly awake all the time? If we spend 2/3 of our life awake, would it be possible to be 2/3 awake all the time, but never need to sleep?

Perhaps I should be asking questions instead about the quality of my posting relative to the amount of sleep I get.


Jar said…
If you could give up 5 years of your life to be completely refreshed by one hour of sleep per night, would you do it?

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