Hopelessly Homeless

For the past several weeks I’ve been trying to figure out how to get a house. I’ve been looking at different kinds of mortgages, and I’ve been looking all over for houses. There are a lot of nice places to live, but we can’t afford any place that’s very nice. In the past, the strategy has been to save up for a down payment and then get your mortgage. I’ve been thinking we would try that, and wait a few years until I’m more established in my career and making more money. In ten years I will probably be making close to twice what I am now. The problem is that almost every zip code in the valley is experiencing double-digit growth in housing prices. That means that when I can afford a house at today’s prices, it will be tomorrow. It’s all one frustrating round.

Of course, prices may level off soon. They also might skyrocket. I might experience some financial windfall within the next few years, but probably not. Interest rates may go up or down.

Does anybody know any rich old people who need someone to leave all their money to?


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