The Tide© Has Turned

Yesterday my wife did a load of laundry containing a pair of my shorts that had a pen in the pocket. In the dryer the pen exploded, leading to quite the unintentional tie-dye job. It's really no big deal, and I certainly didn't blame her, but I got to wondering if a case like that went to trial, who would be convicted? I left the pen in the pocket of the shorts, but she didn't check the pockets before putting them in, and I didn't know she was going to be washing them so they weren't in the hamper. But still it was my pen and my shorts.

So if laundry-related crimes were punishable by death, which one of us would get the chair?


nathan said…
You know what, it's your fault because you failed to define the pen, pants, laundry, protocol. At my house my wife has defined it as thus. I am responsible for all materials in my pockets. If damage comes to those contents I am responsible. It kind of stinks for me but there isn't a death penalty for it.
Jeremiah said…
Ahh, one of the nice things about being a bachelor.. it is never my fault. Example:

Someone washes my pants who is not me: "You ruined my pants AND my pen!"

I wash my pants with pen in pocket: It looks like all my other pairs of pants...

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