Focus, Group!

Several months ago I sent an email to a company that makes shaving products. I told them I would like to see a depilatory product for beards. Such products exist but are not widely available or, from my understanding, very comfortable to use. I would love to be able to rub a little of this cream on my face, wipe it off, and not have to worry about facial hair for a couple of weeks. I really think there is a good market niche for it, although it runs the risk of becoming so popular that it could hurt razor sales (which probably explains their response).

Well, I received a letter from them in the mail(!) a few days ago explaining that they were sorry but they never took suggestions from anyone outside their own research and development department. Um, wouldn’t it be a good idea to, you know, maybe listen to your customers? I’m not really business savvy, but it seems to me that if you produce things people want, you might sell them and make money.

But far be it from me to tell them how to conduct their business.


Brooke said…
"Stuff it, Hiller! We don't want to hear your unsolicited, crappy suggestions!

We sincerely hope you continue to purchase our products. Thank you."

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