A Moving Experience 2: The Aftermath

Does that wound like a movie title or what? Anyway, I took the day off Friday so we could spend the day moving boxes. It went well, aside from losing a box in the middle of an intersection (I still haven't checked to see if that DVD player is broken). It got a lot of the clutter out of the way to facilitate the furniture moving on Saturday.

Saturday morning I went to pick up the U-Haul. That was quite the experience. I have never driven anything even close to the size of that 26-foot monster. I only ended up running over one curb, though. Then it took me 15 minutes to back it into our driveway correctly (I hate having to rely on mirrors).

We had about 10 guys from the ward show up to help, so the furniture was moved within about 15 minutes. Then they started picking up whatever was loose and moving it, much to our dismay (no, don't put our snake in the back of the moving truck). Anyway, we ended up with quite a bit of extra space in the truck, since we moved around 100 boxes the day before, but I suppose extra space is better than not enough.

I took the truck over to the new place while Katie did some cleaning. My sister and her boyfriend were there, and the 3 of us had the truck almost all unloaded before anyone else showed up. We had contacted the new ward to see if a few guys could help, but I didn't give them an early enough time. So 5 or 6 guys came when there were only 2 things left to unload. But it was nice to meet them anyway.

In the end, our possessions survived intact. Now it's just a matter of finding where they all are. Oh, and if anybody needs boxes, I think I could come up with a couple.


Jen said…
Moving blows. Sounds like it was pretty painless though. good work.
Anonymous said…
15 minutes to move all the furniture?! Do you not have much? I swear it takes us longer to move, even with that much help, and we got rid of most of our heavy furniture when we started moving all the time. Glad moving went so well. Hope the new place is great!

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