My Finicky Brain

There are certain times when someone will bring up a topic of conversation that somehow causes my brain to shut down. I don’t know if it’s just boredom, some weird reflex, or a fear of somehow losing a portion of my intelligence as a result of the discussion, but I am somehow unable to hear a word the other person says. It can be embarrassing, especially if it’s my wife doing the talking (fortunately, that’s a rare occurrence). Topics that cause this sporadic deafness include American Idol (or pretty much any reality-type show with contestants), crafts or scrap-booking, and professional baseball.

Do you experience this? What are your topics?


ATH79 said…
Politics, college sports, math, scrapbooking (we agree on something), pets, Star Wars (or anything sci-fi for that matter), petty complaining (I am more than happy to hear a legitimate complaint, not that your tired of people wearing crocks or something silly like that). I'm sure I could think of more if I had to. My mind tends to blank a lot of stuff out.
Jen said…
i'm half there regularly, regardless of the topic.
Jer said…
I'm sorry.. what did you say?

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