Time Keeps on Slippin

Growing up I often heard from older people that time went really fast for them. I never paid much attention to that since, as a kid, every day seemed long and a whole year seemed like forever. But then when I hit 25 or so I started noticing that it really seemed time was speeding up slightly, and for the last few years it has continued. So now I can imagine that it will only increase.

I once heard an interesting explanation for this phenomenon, in a church meeting of all places. Whoever it was said that when you're 5, a year is 20% of your life, so it seems like forever. But when you're 50, it's just 2%, so the longer you've lived the shorter a given period of time takes. That seems like a fairly logical explanation.

Will somebody please get out there and conduct a scientific study on this?


I agree. High school doesn't seem that long ago? My kids are getting older...so weird. I went to a kindergarten orientation meeting last night...what the...

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