A Moving Experience

Well, for those of you I haven't been chattering to for the last couple of months, we're moving this weekend. My former roommate and good friend Jer has purchased a house with an apartment added on to it, and he's renting us the house portion for a couple years. My wife has been so excited that she started packing a month ago, when we had no idea if it would work out at all. Fortunately, it appears that it wasn't a waste of time. So tomorrow we'll be taking carloads of boxes over, provided we have the keys by then, and on Saturday we'll load up a U-Haul with the furniture.

Incidentally, for those of you who have never had a piano moved, consider yourselves lucky. It costs twice as much as getting the truck for everything else. (And yes, I'm aware that moving it ourselves would be really hard and could potentially ruin it. So for the sake of John, the true owner of the piano, we're having it done professionally.)

Assuming no horrific injuries occur, I'll let you know next week how everything goes.

Oh, who am I kidding? Even if there are injuries, I'll post about it.


Turbo said…
Well, I do appreciate you doing it professionally. I still have the number and name of the guys that moved my piano. Very reputable considering the turn of events. If you want there info I'll pass it on, otherwise . . . thanks. So, let me know where you're moving to so I can stop by when I come back.
Good luck on your move! New starts are so great.

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