Another Double Standard

ItalicFor some reason, it's socially acceptable for a woman to comment on another woman's appearance:
Wife: That woman is so beautiful. Her skin is so nice, and she has great legs.

Husband: (Knows that if he agrees he's in trouble for looking at another woman, but if he disagrees he's accused of starting a fight, so he feigns a sprained ankle.)

But if a man does the same thing (talking about another man, I mean—talking about another woman is beyond the pale) serious doubts are raised concerning his masculinity:

Husband: That guy is handsome. He's got a nice square jaw and broad shoulders.

Wife:Um, honey? Would you like to go watch a football game or boxing match or something, you know, manly?


The Kyles said…
Utah has never been egalitarian, stop trying to make generalizations that aren't true. If the opposite sex talks about someone hot, of course their significant other will be jealous. You never cease to annoy me Joel.
Joel said…
And you never cease to take offense where none was intended...
Joel said…
Besides, this isn't a post about women talking about men, or men talking about women. It's about the comments we are allowed to make about our own sex.
Anonymous said…
After much consideration on this point I can only say that it is generalized that men do not appreciate beauty (stupidest thing I've ever heard). So when a woman comments on another woman it is a comment on beauty the same as if she is commenting on flowers. Yet, as a man people would look at you weird if you openly appreciated the beauty of a flower let alone the beauty found in another man.
Seriously people have problems, but there is the fact that in this day and age any great artist is looked on as having been secretly homosexual or bisexual, thus "proving" their point that "real" men cannot appreciate beauty except on a sexual level.
The Kyles said…
It's my job to take offense at what you say. I take it very seriously.
Joel said…
In that case, you deserve a raise ;)

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