On Saturday I participated in the Rex Lee run in Provo. This was the first race I had participated in that distributed timing chips to the runners. The point of the chip is that it just tells the amount of time between the start and finish line, so if there's a big crowd waiting at the beginning you aren't sabotaged by being back in the crowd.

The point is that the organizers of the race were obviously concerned enough with accuracy to distribute the chips. But that attention to detail was somewhat lacking in a more fundamental aspect of the race. I was running the 10k, which, the last time I checked, equals 6.2 miles. The course, however, was a good 2/3 of a mile short. I can understand if it's a little bit off, but the better part of a mile? Is this a product of the same conspiracy that keeps making clothing with labels showing a smaller size than it really is, to make us feel better about ourselves?


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