Baby Surprise

Thank you all for participating in the name poll, even though little good was accomplished because there was no clear winner. But hey, it's not like we were bound to abide by the results anyway.

In other news, the official due date is around the 26th of April, but we did the math ourselves and came up with a much earlier date, and at her last appointment Katie measured a week ahead of where they expected. So there's a new element of excitement to this now, since basically the whole month of April is a distinct possibility. Looks like we're in for a surprise, at any rate.


Joel said…
Heh, I just realized that the title of this post makes it sound like the baby is already here.
Erin Stones said…
My first was due on April 30th, but was actually born on April 2nd. I actually went into labor on March 31st... but that is an entirely different story! So really April is an unpredictable baby month! Good luck!
Ann said…
yay!! :) maybe we'll have our babies pretty close together...I always go till the bitter end. :)

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