Vote Early and Vote Often

I posted a poll with the final 4 baby names we are considering. I apologize for the black text on brown background; it's a widget and I have no idea how to change that.

P. S. For those of you seeing this on Facebook, the poll is on my blog.


Jen said…
I voted but I'm going to give the gift of my comment and expand. Ha. You're welcome.

first, all of these are adorrrable.

Emmeline: love. I have a niece with this name. Is called Emme. It goes well with your last name.

Charlotte: this is cute but could possibly give one a mouthful of marbles with the last name. All those l's & r's. But maybe i'm tongue uncoordinated (false--i can totally tie a cherry stem in a knot)

Katherine: LOVE. How would you shorten it? Kate? I think Katherine is one of the prettiest names ever.

Jane: I voted for this in the end. I have always loved Jane. Maybe because it's so close to Jen. heh.

good luck.
Joel said…
Yeah, we considered combining all the best names: Charemmelatherane

P.S. Please ignore the misspelling of Charlotte. If I fix it now, it will remove the votes.
Lizzy said…
I vote Charlotte, but both my girls vote Jane.
Heidi said…
You can't have Charlotte. Because you already have a Sam, and so do we. If we have another girl--- but no plans right now. We want to call her Charlotte and call her Charly. To stick with our Boyish names.

JK I really don't care.

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