5 Favorite Candy Bars

(in no particular order)


Milky Way

Kit Kat


Almond Joy

What about you?


Lizzy said...

Kit Kat
Hersey's with Almonds

Angie said...

Jr Mints (not so much a candy bar, but candy)


Sixlets (once again not a bar, but you find it by the bars so I say it counts)


Peanutbutter Cups

joel said...

I will allow Sixlets, because they are delicious. In fact, in high school I wrote a poem about them.

Jen said...

i don't even remember the last time i ate a candybar. How sad is that?

I will say, thumbs up for the Almond Joy & double thumbs for Mounds. I also love me some nougat so i like a Big Hunk. Other than thaaaaat...

asdf said...

i am addicted to farmville

weighty said...

gonna send this to my mom

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