Be (Over)Prepared

We've all occasionally been in roadside emergencies. It's impossible to prepare for every contingency, but I think we can be ready to deal with the majority of things. So here's my list (so far) of things you should always have in your trunk.

Spare tire and jack

Jumper cables

Small socket set

Portable compressor that plugs into the cigarette lighter (or a can of slime, I guess, but these compressors are cheap and awesome)


Gallon of water

Basic first aid kit

Quart of oil

Windshield washer fluid


What else?


Jer said…
Lye, a shovel, and rope.
Lizzy said…
Granola bars or some such emergency food item.
We're just gearing our car up for blizzard season, so will be putting a bunch of blankets in the car.
(The girls love them since the blankets live in the backseat in the winter and they put them over their legs on Sundays to and from church. Little legs get cold in dresses and car seats.)
joel said…
I forgot one important one. Have a flint and steel, or at least a 9-volt battery and some steel wool, to be able to make a fire.
Krista said…
Diapers and wipes for the kids.
cyqostvz said…
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