Stealth Bomber

I feel that we were reasonably well prepared for child #2. I know that the second child is always the complete opposite of the first, but in Allison's case that just means she sleeps at night. There haven't yet been too many experiences that surprise me. Nevertheless, she managed a doozy yesterday.

She was pretty cheerful in church for the most part, taking a nap for a while in my arms. Then in sacrament meeting Sam wanted to take a trip out to the drinking fountain. While we were out there, I decided to check Allison's diaper. And that's when I realized that she had managed to sneak one by me. Despite her tendency to be rather obvious when she has a bowel movement, she apparently went into stealth mode for church, perhaps in a bid for reverence. And it had happened a while before, because it had had time to get all over her clothes, and also all over my suit pants.

Katie, being the wonderful wife she is, had packed an extra outfit for her in case such a situation should arise. Now I need to see if I can cram an extra pair of slacks in the diaper bag each week...


Jen said…
ewww... poop on pants. i've never been pooped on, if you can believe it. i guess our child loves me best. figures.
Thanks for this post it was really useful
DingoDogg said…
Hola, Todo dinŠ±mica y muy positiva! :)

weight said…
yeah my dad will like this

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