The Hike

On a whim, Katie and I decided to take the family up Mill Creek Canyon yesterday for a hike. Here's what I learned:

  • Nobody who is coming down has any idea how much farther you have left to go. It's perpetually "half a mile." But the view is "totally worth it."

  • When the sign at the beginning of the trail says it's a two-mile trail, that apparently means vertically.

  • Carrying a 15-pound baby in a harness for 4 hours is kind of tiring.

  • A child can complain for hours coming down the mountain about how much his feet hurt, and then when you get home he will still have enough energy to demand that you play with him.

  • Next time we will look for a trail with an escalator. Those exist, right?

Next time I'll remember to bring a real camera. This kind of looks like we were looking at a painting or something.


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