All parents have tricks they use for getting babies to sleep (at least, the ones who haven't yet been committed to a mental institution), and one of the most popular methods involves rocking your baby to sleep with soft music. (Pro tip: In my experience, horror movies are less than ideal for getting your kids to sleep.)

With Sam, we used a CD of gentle piano music. And now we've found something that seems to work for Allison. Your job is to guess what it is.

a. Greatest Military Marches - The Very Best of John Philip Sousa

b. Stunt by Barenaked Ladies

c. The Phantom of the Opera (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

d. Nacho Libre (The Motion Picture Soundtrack)

e. Now That's What I Call Music, Vol. 29



Lizzy said…
I'm going with Phantom of the Opera.

But that may be because actual opera knocks both my girls right now.
Anonymous said…
None of the above
joel said…
It's actually D.

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