Confessions of a Twit

A week or so ago, someone signed me up on Twitter because he was convinced I would enjoy it. He had me follow a bunch of people he finds amusing. And for a few days I checked it out, thinking it was kind of fun. But then I realized it's really just annoying. In order to understand what anyone was talking about I had to make sure I went back to read everything they posted previously, and many of them aren't as funny as they think they are. So this morning I deleted my account. Consider me de-twitted.

Do any of you use Twitter, for good or ill?


Jen said…
No. I think I can safely say i never will. I eventually signed on to Facebook and while it's nice to be able to connect to people, I would rather not have everyone know the minute-by-minute goings-on in my life. (and don't much care about others')
lgagkkz said…
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