About Time

1. I like to look at the year in which coins were minted and think about where I was at that time.

2. I like to imagine how my past self would view my current life if they were watching it like a movie. I'll be driving home, for example, and think, "What would the me of x years ago think if he came in on me at this moment and saw my family, job, home, etc?"


Jen said…
and what does your past self think?

p.s. i feel like i've left a lot of comments that get lost in oblivion somehow. what is happening?
joel said…
Stupid blog deleted my own comment. I have to fill in the captcha too, in case anyone thinks it’s unfair.

Anyway, Jen, your comments are always appreciated, since nobody else even bothers to comment anymore. According to my dashboard, there are no unpublished comments. I’m sure it just takes me a while to check for them, since WordPress doesn’t email me like it’s supposed to.

As far as what my past self thinks of my present self, I tend to get distracted by a dog with a puffy tail, or a cloud shaped like a hamburger, before I get the chance to answer. But in general I think my past self would be pleased with the future.
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