It's the Thought That Counts?

In the mail today, we got a package from the builders of our house, which was nice of them. I opened it, and it was a set of cards we could send out to people to let them know we had moved, with our new address printed on them. That's awfully thoughtful of them ...

... except ...

... it's got a big picture of the model home on the front, rather than our house. Well, okay, it's the same plan as ours, aside from the extra garage on the model. And the point is to say, "We've moved," rather than, "We've moved to this exact house."

... it kind of looks like they're really just trying to advertise their houses. The back of the card is about their company, and on the inside there's the actual floor plan of our house printed, as though anyone needs to know where the bathrooms are before visiting. But hey, I guess there's no real harm in hoping the cards generate interest in their business. We all need to make a living, right?

... they sent it to the wrong address, and it looks like the post office had a hard time figuring out where to send it. But hey, anyone could write an address incorrectly.

... The cards themselves have the wrong address printed on them, making them utterly useless to send to anyone!!! Okay, look. How do the people who built the freaking house get your address wrong? First of all, the house number was decided 6 months ago, and they put the wrong house number on the cards. And then they printed "Circle" instead of "Drive," which was a mistake they had made on all their other paperwork that meant we had to sign a bunch of extra papers at closing to correct it.

So 2/3 of the address is wrong. On the other hand, we could always send them to people we don't ever want to hear from, so I guess that's a plus.


Ann said…
Wow...great business sense those guys have. :(

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