I submit that life is nothing more than a series of endless problems to be dealt with. Consider the following.

On a basic level:

You’re born, and you need to be fed and clothed.

You’re ignorant, so you need to go to school.

You’re sometimes sick, and you need treatment.

You grow up and need to survive on your own, so you go to more school more (or not) and then you apply for a job to feed and clothe yourself.

You get married because you think you’re supposed to, or you want to (thus solving the problem of the “want” by finding a spouse). Or, you don’t get married, but if you want to it’s a problem that isn’t solved. And if you don’t want to, it’s not a problem and therefore there’s no solution needed.

You have children due to beliefs or lack of sufficient preventive measures, or because you genuinely want them (still a problem, in that you have a desire that can be realized through having children).

Your children need to be fed, clothed, and cared for.

(Skip ahead 30 years.) You have health problems, bills to pay, and the neighbor kids are on your lawn. If you had children, you constantly babysit grandchildren. If not, you are lonely. Your health deteriorates and you die. Your family is left with the problem of disposing of your corpse.

On a daily basis:

You have to go to work, so you need to wake up.

You’re dirty, so you shower.

You’re hungry, so you eat.

You need to get to work, so you drive the car. It needs gas, so you fill it up.

All day long, things need to be done at work.

You come home and need to eat. Your kids (where applicable) need to be fed and put to bed. They need attention, so you play with them.

Your house/condo/yard/pets/clothes need attention in some way, so you spend time fixing thing/mowing the lawn/feeding the dog/washing your clothes.

You’re in a strange mood, so you blog about it.

Everything we do in life is in response to some need either physical, mental, or emotional. Life consists entirely of solving problems.

(Okay, this was intended to be an amusing observation, rather than a pessimistic rant. But maybe I had a need to be a little whiny.)


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