Turn Left at the Dead Raccoon

Well, we're all moved in, so you can all stop screening my calls. The move itself went mostly as planned, aside from people who were supposed to be at our house at a certain time (I'm looking at you, Lowe's and Comcast). Our fridge was at least 5 hours late, and our internet will be coming five days late. But we survived, and we'll be able to relax as soon as we get everything organized... and the yard planted... and a million other things done.

At first I thought it was kind of lame to be moving on the weekend of Independence Day. But then I realized that it really is significant that we are becoming more "independent" by taking on the responsibility of home ownership (inasmuch as anyone really owns a home when you're paying the bank for it).

And yes, there was a dead raccoon in the road.


Ann said…
It's beautiful! I can't wait to see it someday! :)
Jen said…
What a cute house! Congratulations. I think you're really going to like that. Also, i am shocked at how fast they can build houses. What the what?!
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