Bumper Battles

Okay, seriously. Enough is enough.

In a couple weeks, I will have had my driver's license for 15 years. In all that time, nobody has ever hit my car. In fact, let's back it up and say I've never been hit by a car even as a passenger.

Until last week.

I was driving home on the freeway, and it was one of those weird days where traffic seems fine, and then you're slamming on your brakes all of a sudden, which I did, just managing to stop before hitting the car in front of me. Then I heard a squeal of burning rubber from behind me, and I got bumped by that guy, who couldn't stop soon enough. We got out any checked things out, and I just had a little paint flaking off my bumper. No big deal, so I said we wouldn't worry about it.

Fast forward to last night. I was on my way to my friend Jer's wedding dinner (who was also in an accident this week). I was stopped at the end of the freeway offramp, when the guy behind me somehow accelerated into me. I got out and found yet more paint flaking off my bumper, but no apparent cracks or dents. Since I was worried about being late, I again decided to be nice and not involve the authorities.

So, I'm getting sick of this. The next person who hits my car is getting sued.


Jen said…
i can't believe you've been lucky with minimal damage. yeah, 3rd time's the charm!

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