Happy Blogday

I forgot to mark the occasion, but my blog turned one year old on April 6. In that time I have published 260 entries (including this one), made a surprisingly small number of people really angry (despite my best efforts), and been thrilled by the witty and articulate comments I have received from all of you (and amused by the less-articulate ones, although most of those were from me). So thank you to all of you who have visited because you had nothing better to do during school, work, or your Saturday afternoon.

Now, it would really make me happy if every single person who stumbles on this entry leaves some form of comment below, whether it's telling me how much you hate me, punching random keys on the keyboard, or even trying to sell me something. Go.


Joel said…
I guess technically I should go first. I hate you and your pseudo-intellectual writing style!

And you smell like goat milk.
trb48 said…
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Jen said…
Hey, don't knock the dairy products we so enjoy thanks to the goat. He's done nothing to you.

Happy blogday. Thanks for filling our hearts with gladness and taking away all our sadness. You ease our troubles, that's what you do.
Calee said…
Hi Joel!
Calee said…
Hi Joel!
Krista said…
You are a cheese head and I waste too much time reading your insane blog.
Kevin Lloyd said…
Dear J-Diddy,

On this special day I couldn't help but write and tell you what I think of you. You are (in no particular order): pretentious, a grammar snob, a blogoholic, and the wind beneath my wings...in short, everything I look for in a friend. Keep up the crappy work, I love it.


Anonymous said…
hm... funny style )
Anonymous said…
в конце концов: неподражаемо! а82ч

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