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I need some help in coining a new word. I need to create a word defined as “the things I carry around in my pockets, such as keys, wallet, cell phone, gum, and a pen.” Then I can use it in such sentences as “Hang on, let me get my _____ and we’ll get in the car.” So it should convey a sense of a dynamic collection of items.

There’s the word swag, which meant something along the lines of loot, and according to the dictionary it has an additional sense of “a personal pack of belongings,” at least in Australia. That’s kind of a cool possibility.

I’m kind of leaning toward a completely new word, though. Something like stocket, meaning stuff I put in my pocket, but not so lame. Any ideas?


Jen said…
Wow. This is tough. I like swag. At first i was thinking just your standard "knick knacks" but now I'm thinking that's not cool enough.

pocket booty

pocket junk

pocket paraphernalia-- i think i like this one. It pleases my fancy for alliteration.

Boys' pants have such deep pockets. I swear, they're like Mary Poppins' bag. i can keep a safety pin in mine and that's pushing it.
Joel said…
That sounds like a post in itself, if not a whole book: "The Impracticalities of Women's Clothing."
Stephanie said…
I like swag as well. But I also like any of these:




Joel said…
Ooh, I like "hash."
"Let me get my hash, and we'll go." It just rolls off the tongue, potentially confusing anyone who might be listening. And isn't that the true purpose of language?
Jer said…
Agreed, swag (which I pronounce "shwag", is that right?) is the first thing I thought of.. and often used. Must be those Australians.

"Hash" is ok, but I'd think you needed to grab your stash of pot.

I tend for the shortened version of something. "Pocket Junk" reduces down to "pocks" or "punk"... or "pocket booty" down to "pooty", but that sounds gross.

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