Slip and Slide

One day when I was in junior high, we were talking about earthquakes in science class. Our teacher was talking about how the force builds up between tectonic plates and is suddenly relieved. I raised my hand and asked him if there was a way to reduce friction by lubricating the plates so they could move without the jarring of an earthquake. He told me there was research going on to do that. Now, of course, I realize that was a silly suggestion, and I can't find any sources that discuss the idea in detail (although water has apparently been suggested for performing such a role). So I guess he just wanted me to stop talking, which I certainly can't blame him for.


Sarah said…
Getting you to stop talking is about as likely to happen as figuring out a way to lubricate a tectonic plate.
Kevin Lloyd said…
So that last comment was me. My dear, sweet wife would never be so rude.
Jer said…
... You knew the smartest man alive! I've never heard of anyone getting you to shut up about some wacky idea!

Joel's wacky ideas are the equivalent of Jer's rants.

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