Memo to Hollywood, Number 2

Some time ago I noted that the whole movie review system needs to be overhauled, but now I realize that that's not enough. We need two fundamentally distinct categories to unserstand what exactly we are watching.

First of all, there are movies. Movies are shows like Transformers and Three Amigos. These aren't necessarily trying to make some overbearing statement about the futility of life; they're just meant to be enjoyed.

The second category is, of course, films. These are the shows that are about people "coming to terms with things." They tend to be heavier in thematic elements and more somber in tone, but they can be action-oriented shows like The Lord of the Rings. Most French films fall into this category.

So when I see somebody whining that Nacho Libre doesn't have a deep enough theme and blah blah blah weltanschauung, I think, "Whoa! Were you expecting Citizen Kane? It's a movie, not a film. Get over it.


Calee said…
I am in total agreement.
Kaitlyn said…
"Can't you see this woman is a nun?"

"The brothers don't think I know a buttload of crap about the gospel, but I do!"

"'Surprise!'---'Get that corn out of my face!'"

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