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You know those emails that keep coming around that are supposedly written by some guy in Africa needing “help” to get a huge amount of money from some dead person’s bank account, in return for which you get a portion of that money? Well, you’ve got to give them credit for creativity. And apparently it has worked well enough for them to keep doing it.

Anyway, this morning I got a new one. It’s probably from the same people, but it’s way different. You can’t even tell what the scam is from the email itself. But it’s pretty interesting. I’ll paste it below.


We wish to confirm you with full corporate responsibility that we are end
seller ready, willing and able to transact and sell the commodities, with
the following specifications, terms and conditions.
Sales and purchases will be based on the following procedures
The Product is Used Train Rail Scraps with the Specification of R50 & R 65
as conformed to the ISRI Codes.
Manufactured in Russia & Ukrain
The Origin is South Africa .
Quantity: 360, 000 MT (Three hundred and sixty Thousand Metric Tons)
Contract Period: Twelve Months.
Price: USD$125 per Metric Ton FOB.
Payment Terms:Bank guarantee or standby letter of credit.
Inspections: By Buyer and at the port of loading by SGS for clear and
clean of the quantity of the goods loaded on board vessel.
Chemical Composition: International Standards as follows:
R50 - 51.67 kg/m GOST 7173-75
C : 0.67 -- 0.8%
Mn : 0.75 -- 1.05%
Si : 0.13 -- 0.28%
P : max. 0.035%
S : max. 0.045%
Ar : max. 0.15%
R65 - 64.72 kg/m GOST 8165-75
C: 0.6 -- 0.082%
n: 0.75 -- 1.05%
Si: 0.13 - 0.28%
P: max. 0.035%
S: max. 0.045%
Ar: max. 0.15

Please confirm if you are willing to close down the contract as to enable
us schedule and arrange for your urgent trip to South Africa for
inspections of the materials and signing of the contract with us and the
representatives of the ministry

Finally, be informed that upon your acceptance to this offer, we will be
providing you with all the related documents for your perusals before
coming down to South Africa for the signing of the contract with us.
Please revert your mails to……………………….
MR Norbert M.
00 27 834 281 633

I had to appreciate it for just being different.


Nathan Mulford said…
So when do you get your cool train parts. I sent my information to them about a week ago. I am going to build a train track to your house. Cool huh!

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