Have you ever been a witness to something really embarrassing happening to someone else? Those are great times to remember. Just this morning I was recalling one such instance. A coworker was celebrating her 30th birthday (the age has been changed to protect the innocent), and someone sent her a singing telegram. This turned out to be a guy who insulted her for 10 minutes (even though she had at least 3 inches on him), handed her flowers, and proceeded to disrobe until he was just wearing a caveman outfit. At that point he sang “Happy Birthday” or something to her (I was too horrified by the whole thing to really remember), and finally left.

What wonderful embarrassing things have you been able to witness?


Jen said…
Most of my best embarrassing experiences were those i wasn't really a witness to but instead an active participant.

p.s. ummm...hello, love the mad lib thing.

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