This Magic Moment

Parenthood is full of special moments that come only once. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep journals, photos, and video so you can have a record of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Personally, the moment I’m looking forward to most is that day when my son first says those magical words, “I hate you!” I’ve been asking around to try to determine when that’s likely to happen, and it looks like it could be anywhere from age 7 to 13. So it will be quite a surprise whenever it happens.


Jen said…
I, too, value keeping journals and recording special moments and memories. I think one time I wrote "I hate my mom" on the underside of a shelf in the bathroom cupboard. Ahhh.. so glad i did that. i sure hope it's still there. I should check. Except you could never read it right unless you pulled out the shelf and could see through wood.
Nathan Mulford said…
What about all of those times when you child tries to gouge out your eyeballs and bites you with those razor sharp teeth. Do you think they are saying "You know what I think your special" when they do that?

Still I think I would prefer that to hearing I hate you.
Kevin Lloyd said…
Personally, I can't wait until Simon utters the phrase "You, alright. I learned it from watching you."

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