A Vincent Price Moment

Things have been a little bit hectic lately, so my blogging has suffered, which has caused waves of unhappiness to radiate from my regular readers. Those waves have spread throughout the world, causing death and destruction. So, in a fit of guilt, here I am.

When I was a teenager, I would occasionally go for a drive late at night. Of course, that was back in the days when you could make minimum wage and still afford gas for your car. Anyway, one night I drove way out to the west side of the Salt Lake valley, by the Kennecott copper mine. I approached a T-junction and had to turn left or right. I hesitated for a moment, then decided to turn left. As I entered the intersection, I saw a car on my left also entering the intersection, going pretty fast. I hadn’t been able to see it because of the level of the road. So I think they had the impression that I cut them off deliberately. I sped away, embarrassed, only to see them make a U-turn and start following me (we were the only two cars in sight). So I fled in terror, speeding away and eventually ending up in Herriman. At about that time, they finally gave up and turned back around. To this day I wonder what would have happened to me if they had caught me. Probably nothing worse than a stern talking to, but still.


Jen said…
wow, that's a good story. I would have been totally freaked. It's good you out-drove them. Nothing good can come from being caught by a driver scorned.
Nathan Mulford said…
That was you! Why when I get my hands on you...I am gonna...um..do something really..um..never mind.

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