Time to Grow a Beard and Move up to the Idaho Panhandle

I guess it's time for another post harping on scientists. Once again I must say the I love science and those who every day work hard to make our lives better. But there's a little too much optimism sometimes about certain developments. Maybe it's mostly the fault of the media; in fact, that seems much more likely.
Anyway, on the Popular Science website I ran across an article from 2001 that contained the statement, "[hydrogen] fuel cell cars won't be out until at least 2004." I just had to stop and laugh, since we've now all but abandoned the idea of hydrogen fuel cells.
I'm sure things like that happen because as time goes on we find better options which keep such predictions from coming true. But at the same time it's tempting to become some sort of crazy conspiracy theorist going on about "the man" perpetuating the energy crisis.


John said…
Um . . . Joel?

Joel said…
Yeah, yeah. I know they technically exist. But the odds of a hydrogen-based infrastructure replacing gasoline are tiny. My bet is on lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged by plugging your car in to a wall socket.
John said…
Alright. You had me scared for a minute there.

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