Retrospective Myopia

I’ve never understood the saying “hindsight is 20/20.” There’s no way to know how something would have worked out if you had done it differently. The best you could hope for is increased odds of success. For example, you might have gotten food poisoning from the fish you ate at the restaurant, but even if you had ordered the steak instead all that does is reduce the odds of you getting sick, since it’s less likely that there were multiple contaminated food items. You may have choked on a piece of the steak and died instead.

On what I’d like to claim is an unrelated note, can any of you help me figure out how to avoid the situation of doing what my wife tells me to do but still getting in trouble for it?


Jen said…
I don't know, do it right?
Joel said…
Thanks for that.
Jen said…
ha ha. anytime.

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