Sincere Question

There are some things in life that I don’t understand, such as why the following foods exist:

Pre-packaged sandwiches

Green-apple flavored anything (except actual green apples)

Pasta salad (but I love actual pasta)

Butter cookies in a tin

I honestly want to know if you know anybody who likes any of these things (I’m guessing green apple has some fans).


Jen said…
Joel, why do you have to hate on good food? Green apple, good. Pasta salad, good. (ok some, not all) Even pre-packaged sandwiches are good but maybe that depends on where you get them. I basically agree about the butter cookies in a tin though. I think they're just for looks.

What about Entenmann's baked goods? So gross. If the food I eat can also be used to fuel my car, I draw the line. Blaah. Every time I see someone at the supermarket waiting to buy these, i want to smack the package out of their hands and yell, "Why? why? why?!"
Krista said…
Hey, I like those butter cookies in the tin cans. We get them every Christmas and they last until Easter.
Jar said…
I like the butter cookies, too. Green Apple candy isn't bad.. the only thing I agree with you on is the pre-packaged sandwiches.

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