That Bathroom Smell

At work I have the incredible good fortune to be seated next to the restrooms (as well as the copy and fax machines). I suppose it’s convenient in case of bathroom-related emergencies, but mostly it’s annoying to hear the doors constantly opening and closing.

Anyway, the bathrooms have automated air fresheners that spray at regular intervals. And this week there is a particular scent that is extra strong. Every time someone enters or exits the bathroom, a puff of that scent escapes and wafts over to my cubicle, where I start to gag. I can’t really describe the smell (it's called Vanilla Twist), but I’d almost prefer to deal with the scents the air freshener is covering.


Jen said…
that reminds me of the bathrooms at BYU that spray stuff sporadically and, seemingly, right in your face. You'd have to wash your hands quickly while still trying to be thorough, and be prepared to dodge at any second.
I had to work by the bathrooms at one of my jobs too. So annoying!

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