When I was growing up, the kids took turns doing the dishes every night. But we had a dishwasher, so it really wasn't that much work. Then in college I didn't have one, so of course I did them by hand. Now I have a dishwasher again, but I still prefer to do them by hand. The funny thing is my wife grew up without a dishwasher, and now prefers to use one since we have it. What do you prefer?


Christa Jeanne said…
Hi, Joel!

Dishwasher for sure! I had to handwash everything growing up - seriously, I did enough dishes to last for life. Granted, I do enough prewashing that I might as well add some soap to the scrubbing and call it a day - but yeah, definitely the machine.
trb48 said…
That all depends on how lazy I am...And, I do whatever I want, gosh.
ATH79 said…
I prefer that my husband does them, and he usually does. :)
Heidi Bell said…
I have to wash the dishes, before I was the dishes. My dishwasher isn't the best. But I still throw my almost clean dishes in there to make sure to SANATIIZE them.

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