Here's a new game. I'll tell you something about myself, and you see if you can top it in terms of ridiculousness or awesomeness, as the topic dictates. Here's today's fact:

The house I grew up in is on Rocky Road.

Has anyone lived on a better-named street?


Christa Jeanne said…
Rocky Road is tough to beat, but I'll give it a shot. There's an intersection in Rancho Santa Margarita between Antonio Parkway and Avenida de las Banderas - but because both street names are too long to put on a sign, it's actually the meeting point of Antonio and Banderas. Antonio Banderas. Amazing, no?
Joel said…
Close but no cigar, Christa.
Anonymous said…
In Cedar City I once lived on Pachea Trail. Funny thing- no one knew how to pronounce it, so every neighbor and delivery person, etc. said it differently.
Here's something weird about me. My claim to fame...I still have 8 baby teeth. The grown up teeth never grew in underneath. Not too exciting.

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