Hello, Radio

I didn't listen to the radio as a kid. I would put on Dr. Demento on occasion, which was always enjoyable, but I had no knowledge of popular music until my ninth grade year. I started listening to Q99 which, if any of you remember, was the best radio station ever. They played just the right mix of music. And then a year or so later they underwent a format change, and something inside me died. Oh, there were still other stations that played a good amount of what I enjoyed, but it was never the same.
I pictured myself keeping up with the music scene throughout my adult life. Then, when I actually got a CD player in my car, I suddenly realized I could listen to music I knew I liked without all the annoying commercials (eventually I realized that even the funny morning show guys are incredibly annoying). And then of course came iPods.
So it's been 5 or 6 years since I've really listened to the radio. I turn on the shower radio in the morning right when I know there will be a traffic and weather update on the news station, and then I turn it off. I actually decided to leave it on for a while the other day, and when their third commercial break within a ten-minute span came on, I remembered why I don't listen anymore.
So, am I the only one who feels this way?
(By the way, anyone who gets the reference from the post title gets a gigantic gold star.)


Jen said…
i am the same. I never listen to the radio so i'm kind of clueless as to what the cool new bands are. However, i love pandora.com. It is awesome and i discover new treasures there.

Back in the day i used to listen to Magic 107.5 which changed to Mix107.5 and then 107.5 The End. I moved before it changed again but I loved the morning show. One time when my alarm went off they were racking their brains trying to figure out who played Worf in Star Trek and i was mumbling in my sleepy stupor... Michael...Dorn.... Michael... Dorn!
Anonymous said…
Q99? No at that time you needed to be listening to X96.1 and then later of course, when it came about 107.5 The End. (Which was so funny, because there was actually a station after that that was a religious sermons broadcast.)
But I totally agree. Why listen to radio? Although the last time John and I were in Utah the car we rented had satellite radio. Which wasn't too bad.
Jer said…
Q99? You lose. Z93 rocked the house.. then they went country...

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