My friend Johnny claims he once saw a plane land on the road behind our junior high school and then take off again immediately. So for the past 15 years, I’ve been making fun of him for seeing things, since to my knowledge nobody else saw it.

But to tell the truth, I have technically seen a UFO, which probably rates much higher on the insanity scale. It was a summer evening and I was probably about 12. I think I was doing the dishes or something when my older brother came and told me to check out something outside. So we went out, and off in the distance by the mountains we could see something. It looked like a giant inflated tire on its side, and it was slowly moving along to the north. I suppose we lost sight of it after a while, and then never really gave it much thought after that.

Do I think it was little green men? No, of course not (everyone knows little green men prefer trapezoidal craft). It’s far more likely to have been an escaped balloon from a tire shop or something. But it was technically unidentified, so there you have it.


I sure enjoyed being friends with you and Johnny. You guys made life interesting for sure. Do you guys still keep in touch? If so, tell him Hi.

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