Confession Time Again

I actually kind of like Microsoft. Shh! Don't repeat it!

I got some horrible virus on my laptop, and all my efforts to remove it failed. Then it disabled my Windows registration, so I couldn't even log on. So I eventually gave in and sent an email to Microsoft tech support (from a different machine, obviously). They actually called me, and over the course of 4 or 5 hours of phone calls over the course of a few weeks we actually got the problem fixed. So they actually responded to me, and their people stuck with it until they solved the problem. Who knew the evil empire was capable of some good too?


Jen said…
maybe their tech support is so good because they get approximately 3.5 billion calls a day. just sayin'...
Erin Stones said…
who knew? viruses suck!
I love Microsoft, and I think XP is great. There I said it.

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