Pheidippides I Ain't

Well, I'm out of the running, as it were. It will probably be between 1 and 2 months before I can run again. But at least I didn't have to wear that big clunky boot some people do (the doctor said it might help recovery time, but since I'm missing the marathon either way, I'd rather not look like a—well, gimp).

As an interesting side note, I told my mom the name of the doctor I went to, and it happened to be the guy who botched a toe surgery on her a couple years ago. Small world.


Jer said…
So this quack who can't even get a toe surgery right told you not to run? Sounds like you're making excuses to me.
Joel said…
This from the guy who said, "I can't run—I ruined my knees dancing in high school."
Jen said…
I would totally use this to be like, "Awww, i can't run the marathon! CRAP!" because deep down i would be wussing as it is.
Krista said…
That's so sad. I was secretly amazed that you were going to run the marathon. Now I'll have to find other reasons to admire you without telling you.

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