Goodbye, Reggie

Well, in the course of a couple months we went from two pets to zero pets. We gave the chinchilla away, and last week we decided to set Reggie the snake free (since she was wild-caught anyway). We took her to Wheeler Farm, which has some big wooded areas and plenty of water. She hadn't been eating lately, and I figured if she was sick it would be better for her to die free than in a cage. I also had a selfish motivation, of course: Sam was sad to see her go, but maybe not as sad as he would have been if she had died at home.

I admit it's nice to not have any extra mouths to feed, but I'm sure we'll find something interesting to pick up sometime soon. It could be anything: a tarantula, skink, or parakeet.

Just kidding—I don't ever want a pet bird.


Heidi Bell said…
The chinchilla looks cute huh? But I think they make horrible pets. But better fur coats. JK.

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