The Whole Nine Yards

When we moved into our new place, we knew there would be a steep learning curve as far as taking care of the (seemingly) acres of garden and grass. Little did we know, however, that the livelihood and sanity of so many others depend on how someone else's yard is taken care of. We have had several yard care people come to our door and mention that they always did this or that for the people who lived there before. They also implied that it's a shame that the yard is not what is used to be.

We also have a neighbor who does landscaping. When we moved in, he kindly offered to help us out with any yard issues that might arise. Then a couple weeks ago he stopped by to make sure we knew how to use the sprinklers (although he didn't quite say it that way), because the front lawn is looking kind of dry despite daily watering. Yesterday he apparently walked up to the house and pulled a weed just outside the living room window. And he told our landlord that he wanted to teach us how to trim the rose bushes. Then I came home from work yesterday to find that he had trimmed them himself anyway.

This is starting to be less of a "kind neighbor" situation and more of a creepy outdoor version of The Hand That Rocks the Cradle or something.


Jen said…
that is weird, & funny. I think you should see how long and how much you can get other people to maintain your yard for you.
Jenn Hansen said…
Is this neighbor a little on the older side? Our neighbors on both sides are older couples and they are very attentive to the state of our yard because theirs are perfect!
How annoying. I'm glad my neighbors mind their own business.

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